Customized services

And a free mobile application


Encrypted data

All data is encrypted from end to end thanks to the use of components used in the military and medical industries. 
Drivers have no direct interaction with the e-Lectron box. No badge, no bluetooth connection.

Customizable availability and pricing

You define the availability of your place according to many options. You decide on the price level or if your place is free. 

Automated management

As a location owner, the management of driver requests is automated according to your options. 

Receive your credits

At any time by making the request directly on the mobile application you can receive your credits. Allow 5 working days to receive your credits.

A dedicated website

The mobile application will also be available very soon on your web browser. You will be able to manage your owner space directly from your computer.

Customer service

You can contact us directly by phone or via the mobile application for any questions.