Home charging we tell you everything!

Having an electric vehicle is good but knowing where, how and at what price you can recharge it, is better. In this article we will first explain the different types of plugs to be able to recharge your electric vehicle at home. Then you will know why it is more profitable to charge your vehicle at home with the e-nergyze box.

The different types of plugs to charge your electric vehicle

It is important to know the different types of plugs in order to know how to properly charge your electric vehicle.  Whether you have a car, a bike or an electric scooter you can charge your vehicle on a standard domestic plug with the charging cable that was provided to you. This type of socket is for slow charging.

The type 2 socket is the most used. It is usually located on the side of the vehicle and on the charging station.

You can also charge your electric car on a wallbox (recommended by professionals for security reasons). Note however, that a wallbox costs at least 500€ (to these costs you must add the installation and maintenance). The positive point of the wallbox is the speed of the recharge.

What we recommend ?

90% of electric vehicle drivers recharge at home, so it is important to know the choices available to you.

In order not to damage your vehicle’s battery and therefore its performance, we recommend that you opt for smarting charging (up to 7.4kW). Indeed, fast charging tends to damage batteries more quickly. Therefore, opt for a slow recharge of your vehicle during off-peak hours (at night for example, in order to leave the next day with a charged vehicle). Count 1,5€ for 100 km recharged in off-peak hours and 1,75€/100km in full hour.

Install a Green’up plug from Legrand (70€) on your domestic socket. This will allow you to recharge your vehicle’s battery to 50% in less than 8 hours.

Why is the e-nergyze solution right for you?

It is only a box to install and not a charging station. The installation costs are therefore divided by 3 and the box takes less space than a charging station. It is a slow charge but the battery of your vehicle has not been built to support a large number of fast charges.

For only 279€ our box will allow you to recharge your electric vehicle in all simplicity. Moreover, thanks to our application you can follow in real time your electric consumption and thus optimize your recharging hours.