A sustainable energy to drivers of electric cars

With the emergence of the first impacts of climate change on multiple facets of world life, it is urgent that global citizens, governments, and industry create solutions to meet this challenge.

E-nergyze’s vision is to make clean and sustainable energy available to drivers of electric vehicles wherever they are in the world. E-nergyze offers a charging infrastructure and an energy supply ecosystem, including residential consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and municipalities.

With a combination of cost-effective intelligent charging stations, innovative technologies, the solution significantly expands the network of charging stations available to electric vehicle drivers. It enables consumers, small businesses, and municipalities that produce solar energy to make it available to drivers of electric vehicles.

The e-nergyze offers critical target inhibitors to realize the potential of electric vehicles and open up new opportunities for multiple stakeholders in the ecosystems of electric mobility and renewable energies.

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