Open to all the cultures that have shaped his international missions in the energy sector, Stéphan Brossard, the founder of E-nergyze, is convinced that our energy consumption must be reduced in order to preserve our environment. The costs of extracting fossil fuels and our needs for growth can no longer coexist and force us to consume differently.
The vision of the CEO is to offer a green solution to electric vehicle drivers wherever they are in the world. To achieve this, the company has created a recharging infrastructure (e-nergyze) and an energy supply ecosystem that includes residential consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and municipalities.


Transport is an essential element of economic development. Technological advances in electric motors and their management allow better exploitation of energy compared to thermal engines.

However, there are still critical inhibitors: an adequate network of charging stations, sufficient electricity supply, and energy management via the electric distribution network.

2018 – 2020

In 2018, Stéphan wanted to make the charges of electric vehicles accessible to the greatest number of people with the objective of keeping the same electrical distribution network.
Thus, in 2020, e-nergyze products, thanks to their functionality of sharing private charging stations, will make it possible to minimize the deployment of public charging stations which would result in increased investments in public networks, electricity tariffs and public taxes.
With a combination of intelligent and economical charging places, innovative technologies and a wide range of charging stations, the e-nergyze solution significantly expands the network of charging stations available to electric vehicle drivers.
The functionalities of e-nergyze products have been developed in a multicultural environment in Mauritius which has limited energy resources and strong environmental issues: a textbook case for the planet.