Create a solution that allows charging any type of electric vehicle with solar energy regardless of where the vehicle is located.

The e-nergyze offers allow private individuals, but also companies and municipalities to recharge their electric vehicles using a simple socket. Installation is quick and easy and you can also share your recharging space with your friends, colleagues or employees. For more details on our offers click on this link


Put the people most affected by climate change to work on solutions to reduce the environmental impact of human activity on the planet.

Climate change is forcing us to think and redefine our consumption patterns in order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. This is why e-nergyze is developing a community of mutual aid and sharing of charging stations for electric vehicles. For more details on our offers, click on this link.


Create a multicultural working environment in order to provide, from its diversification of opinions, comprehensive solutions to environmental problems by diversifying opinions.

Our teams are based in Mauritius and France, this multicultural diversity allows us to face the environmental challenges as serenely as possible. Discover our history by clicking on this link