Electric car drivers
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The e-nergyze’s program benefits include

The network of E-Nergyze charging places is up to 7 times cheaper than a public station!

A registration in 2 steps

Put a minimum of credit on your account.

Select the charging place by its location, its price level and the rating given by the other drivers.

The main rules as a electric car driver

Main rules for electric car driver

  • Your booking request will be accepted no later than 20 minutes by the owner of the recharging space.
  • You can cancel a session up to 15 minutes before the start without penalty.
  • A penalty applies if the cancellation occurs within 15 minutes of the start of the session or if the recharge does not start within 15 minutes of the start of the session.
    The penalty will be the amount estimated at the time of booking and will be paid to the owner of the recharging place as compensation.
Before booking a charging place

A car in good shape

To guarantee a successful charging session, we recommend checking some elements

  • A valid car insurance
  • A clean and an up to date car maintenance