Tesla’s Cybertruck 

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Tesla’s Cybertruck is certainly the most incredible car design of our generation. Its impact can be compared to the most striking concept cars of the 70s and 80s, such as the first Lamborghini, or the BMW Turbo.
This car looks like something out of a movie, but it makes us realise that we are getting closer and closer to the air of mass production of this type of vehicle, once derisory, now inevitable.

The features of the Cybertruck

Recently the Cybertruck made its first public appearances in New York and at the new GigaFactory in Austin. After the vehicle’s big launch failure regarding the strength of the windows and chassis, Tesla recently confirmed that the vehicle will be all-impact resistant, with bulletproof windows and stainless steel bodywork. The vehicle’s trunk is also full of innovation, it will be retractable and resistant to all impacts.

The trunk will be made of solar panels to recharge your vehicle and for the more travelled, it will allow you to install a protected and more comfortable bed than the rear seat. A ramp is also present for the transport of other small vehicles, or heavy equipment to facilitate loading. The vehicle will be equipped with the latest convenience technology to ensure quality comfort, for example the seat will automatically adjust to the driver and his preferences. The power of the vehicle is a major asset, as it will allow you to tow loads ranging from 3.5 to 6.3t without any problem.

In addition to the vehicle’s atypical appearance, this pick-up, this utility vehicle, this 4×4, could revolutionise the automotive sector by offering an innovative concept and a very interesting price competitiveness in view of all its features. For less than €30,000 with the ecological bonus, this vehicle can be used for moving, road-trip or for transporting all types of goods (wood, gas, quad bikes, animal feed for farmers…).

Le cybertruck de Tesla


Don’t be fooled by its amazing looks, it will be among the best value for money on the market. Tesla is now positioning itself as a company that is more and more accessible to the greatest number of people. Whether it’s technology, functionality or price, the Cybertruck is at the top of the range of vehicles offering the same options.