The electric car in motor racing


Change and innovation in the history of Formula 1

With the phenomenal growth of the electric vehicle market worldwide, car manufacturers have quickly realized that electric cars are the future and that it is essential to invest in them. That’s why today many of them have a team in the electric version of the famous Formula 1 motorsport: the Formula E.

What’s the Formule E ?

Formula E or FE, is the first and only automobile competition specialized in electric single-seaters. Created in 2011, it counts today 7 editions and is regulated by the International Automobile Federation (IAF). This modern sport has proven itself and attracted major manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi or Jaguar. The award for the most successful manufacturer even goes to our French group Renault (3 titles), with Renault-e.dams. Jean-Éric Vergne is also at the top of the ranking of electric Formula 1 drivers.

Formula E is doing its best in terms of eco-responsibility but unfortunately remains a polluting sport, especially because of its travel from circuit to circuit. Nevertheless, it intends to evolve its operations by 2030 by going carbon-free. Mission possible or impossible?  We can’t wait to see what it will look like.

Although this concept is still very new, there are now other car races for electric vehicles such as the Extreme E for example which is a championship created in 2018 and using electric SUVs.

Finally, the International Automobile Federation announced for 2023 the creation of an electric grand touring championship including electric refueling in the races.


The different car models for Formula E races

Here is a list of some of the electric cars used in Formula E races (not ranked by their Formula E performance):

Car Manufacturer




Leaf Nismo RC or E.Dams

2 electric motors with a total power of 240kW each ? 326 horsepower


Volkswagen ID.R

Maximum power of 500 kW ? 680 horsepower


Panasonic Jaguar I-TYPE 4

Maximum power of 250 kW ? 335 horsepower


Audi e-tron FE06

52kW/h battery rechargeable in 45 minutes


Opel corsa e-Rallye

100 kW engine ? 136 horsepower


Hyundai IONIQ electric

11,5 kWh / 100 km


Renault ZOE

52 kWh battery


Tesla Model S P100D

NEDC range 542 km


Calendar Formule E and Extreme E 2021

Despite some cancellations due to the health crisis, the calendar of electric rallies and races for 2021 is full until the end of the year. We make you a small summary table of some events that could interest you. We also want to inform you that some Youtube channels offer you to see or watch again these spectacular car races, including the official Extreme E channel.

Formula E




ePrix of Monaco


08 May 2021

ePrix of Puebla


19 – 20 June 2021

ePrix of New York

United States

10 – 11 July 2021

ePrix of London

Great Britain

24 – 25 July 2021

ePrix of Berlin


14 – 15 August 2021


Extreme E




1st Stage

Wadi Rum, Saudi Arabia

03 – 04 April 2021

2nd Stage

Lake Retba, Senegal

29 – 30 May 2021

3rd Stage

Kangerlussuaq, Denmark

28 – 29 August 2021

4th Stage

Santarem, Brazil

23 – 24 October 2021

5th Stage

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

11 – 12 December 2021


We hope this article has taught you a little more about electric car racing. As a bonus, here is the link to the interview with Sébastien Loeb about his participation in Extreme E.