Offer a recharging service for cars, scooters and electric bicycles


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Contribute to electric mobility
Thanks to a simple solution accessible to all

Make your socket accessible to electric vehicles drivers by setting your price.

Equip your location

Connect the e-electron box

Identify your location. Call your electrician to install a waterproof outlet and connect the e-electron box to the distribution board.

Then register your new equipment using the mobile app. e-nergyze will then carry out a series of checks and you will then be notified of the actual commissioning.

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W-atts: additional module to the e-electron box

To prevent your meter from tripping during recharging

The additional w-atts module allows you to pause the charging of your vehicle to prevent your meter from tripping. Charging will resume automatically as soon as the necessary power is available.


Customizable availability and prices

With the e-nergyze mobile application, you define the availability of your location according to the many options.

It’s up to you to decide on the price level or whether it’s free. 2 price levels. One for the e-nergyze community and a second for your friends, employees or customers.

The price of a recharge is calculated based on time and actual power consumption.


Automated management

As the location owner, handling of driver requests is automated based on your options.

At any time, you can switch to manual mode to accept or reject requests one by one.

The cancellation of a reservation by the driver or the owner is possible up to 15 minutes before the start of a charging session.


Receive your credits at any time

You wish to receive your credits. Apply with the mobile application and automatically receive your amount within 5 working days.

Loyalty program

Recharges at reduced prices or offered

The e-nergyze loyalty program rewards drivers.

As recharges are made in the e-nergyze network, the driver automatically receives reductions on these sessions with one session offered every 80 hours.

This program is set up to retain drivers and encourage them to recharge in the community.

The loyalty program

Each time you recharge, give your opinion

The owner and the driver can give a notice after each charging session. Ideal to qualify the experience on the side of the owner and the driver.

General conditions of the e-nergyze program
W-atts: additional module to the e-electron box

Track your consumption and your electricity bill in real time

The additional w-atts module allows you to monitor consumption and the amount of your electricity bill from the mobile application. At any time you know the amount of your bill and the share of your recharges at home.